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  The Circuit Load Analysis Module is the main (hub) module and is supported both by and from other Volts modules. Devices, conductors, raceway types, ambient and terminal temperatures and distances are characterized in the upper section then posted into the lower worksheet grid.

Volts features the ability to analyze any power distribution system up to 35,000 volts, AC or DC, no matter its simplicity or complexity. This is inclusive of any conductor or cable type and fiber optics.


Volts features the most accurate computing formulae available.


All entered items automatically comply to IEEE Standards 141, 241, 242 and NEC® specifications. All devices' and panels' voltage drop and real power values are automatically adjusted with any upper level panel addition. Conduits and cable tray sizes are automatically sized. Panel OCPDs' and buss ratings are automatically sized and computed. Transformers are automatically sized, etc, etc. Every entry is automatically checked, adjusted and sized.

Volts also features a powerful array of editing tools to accommodate for dynamic changes with all other items and reports automatically updated in response to the change. Additionally, Volts presents analytical and informative information about all entered items validating its computed values.

This module utilizes all 34 NEC® 310 ampacity tables for its conductor sizing computations along with all other IEEE and NEC® tables and specifications regarding:

  • Conduit and cable tray sizing
  • Motor & transformer primary and secondary protection sizing
  • Circuit breaker and fuse sizing
  • Cables in conduit, free air or buried
  • Neher-McGrath ambient temperature and environmental conditions ampacity derating
  • Ability to edit, insert or delete any entered item with all ancillary Volts modules automatically updated to the modification.
  • Ability to post repetitive devices from the user defined Items Database
  • Ability to apply and save all specific project notes, diagrams and photos with Volts Notes
  • and much more...
  Volts also supports the following:
  • AC and DC systems
  • Voltages up to 35,000
  • Insulation types
  • 50 and 60 Hertz systems
  • AWG, mm² and Mexico NOM cable sizes
  • SAE and metric linear units
  • ºF or ºC temperature units
  • Panel sizing per balanced or phase load
  • Single or double pole protection for 230v devices
  With a familiar spreadsheet style interface, devices, transformers, conduits, cable trays and panels are entered into the module's database and displayed into the worksheet under user defined column headers. The information column headers include:
Device Description Conductor Size Volts (rated) Horsepower (rated)
Quantity Ground Size Volts (actual) Horsepower (actual)
Phase Conductor Quantity Voltage Drop Kilowatts (rated)
Current Type Conductor Material Percent Voltage Drop Kilowatts (actual)
Distance & Unit Conductor Type Amperes (rated) BTUs/hr. (rated)
Ambient Temperature & Unit Insulation Type Amperes (actual) BTUs/hr. (actual)
Efficiency Factor Raceway Type Kilovolt Amps (rated) # Parallel Conductors
Power Factor R/Z Wire Kilovolt Amps (actual) # Neutral Conductors
Applied NEC® Table Z Device OCPD Protection Type
  Although there is a tremendous amount of generated information and user defined options, the use of the circuit load analysis is very easy and very complete. Volts' circuit load analysis is the most thorough, most accurate and most complete circuit load analysis program available!
  Once a panel has been defined and entered into the worksheet, all of Volts' comprehensive reports are available. The contents and completeness of these reports can be viewed in a PDF format from the Reports Summary page.

The best way to experience Volts power and easy of use is to download Volts and use it free for 10 days. We are always available should you have any questions or comments.


It simply cannot be any easier or more accurate to obtain the correct information the first time.


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Reprinted with permission from NFPA 70 2008, NEC® copyright© 2008, National Fire Protection Association. This is not the complete and official position of the NFPA on the referenced subject which is represented only by the standard in its entirety. The title National Electric Code® and the acronym NEC® are registered trademarks of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

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