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Conduit Fill
The Conduit Fill module utilizes the specifications in NEC® Chapter 9, NEC® Tables1, 4 and 5 and Tables 1 through 12 in Annex C (NEC® Appendix C) for its calculations.


The calculations for both similar and dissimilar cables and or conductors and insulation types in the same raceway are performed with a very simple and fast user interface.

The analysis module is divided into 3 sections, the left section for selection of cables or conductor insulation type and size, the upper section for calculating dissimilar conductors and the bottom section for similar conductors.

Volts' Cables and Conductors / Insulations Databases supply the necessary diameter dimensions utilized in the Dissimilar Conductors analysis section. Like all of Volts' databases, any change or addition will be immediately utilized in Volts' computations.

After items are "Added" to the accumulated list and the Equal button is pressed, Volts displays the following:

  • Minimum conduit size
  • Conduit area
  • Cable / Conductor area
  • % Fill actual
  • % Fill remaining
  • Fill area remaining

Of course the conduit size can be increased with all resulting results updated to reflect the increased size. Additionally, any fill factor can be used by either dissimilar or similar conductors calculators to accommodate for special seal off requirements and the results can be displayed in either units of inches or millimeters. Entered cable or conductor information can be saved and retrieved for future comparison or analysis.

Conduit type raceways can also be size from Volts' main circuit load analysis module as part of the worksheet.


It simply cannot be any easier or more accurate to obtain the correct information the first time.


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