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Protect Your System and Equipment from Lightning Voltage Surge Damage

Lightning and circuit switching power surges destroy system equipment. Properly sized and grounded surge suppression systems are the best defense against expensive losses.

An electrical transient, or power surge, is a short duration, high energy impulse that is sent through a normal electrical power system whenever there is a sudden change in the electrical circuit. This can be caused when dormant circuits are first energized or when lightning strikes hit at or near outdoor overhead electrical cables or equipment.

Volts utilizes IEC 61643-1 and IEEE C62.41 methods to ensure the most accurate results possible.
After selecting the surge voltage and strike location, Volts computes the surge waveform ampacity and voltage as it migrates throughout the distribution system.

Existing surge protection devices (SPD) or


  “what if” scenarios can be entered, and Volts will compute the resulting effect on each system panel board.

Setup Protection Scenarios Effortlessly
  • Maximize desired protection
  • Develop worst-case and typical case scenarios
  • Ensure hardware integrity
  • Protect process immunity
  • Protect specific equipment sensitivities


From Volts' informative report, surge protection device requirements are established inclusive of:
  • Phase
  • Operating Voltage
  • OCPD Size
  • Short Circuit Current (SCA)
  • Inherent BIL (Basic Impulse Level)
  • Existing SPDs
  • Surge Voltage
  • Surge Current


It simply cannot be any easier or more accurate to obtain the correct information the first time.


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